installing QNX 4.23

Driver: at486, ramsize 15MB, 128MB hard drive (type 32 in BIOS)

booting with the boot floppy:

starting installation (type install at the prompt)

if we answer "n" to the U.S. keyboard question, we get to select the keyboard language, and then move on to the next screen...

getting prepared to partition drive

We answer "y" to the EIDE controller question and again answer "y" if the drive geometry the system informs us is correct.


Here I executed fdisk (select e option), deleted the DOS partition and created a new QNX partition using all the space available in the hard disk.

Select Save, and we get to the next step...

checking hard drive. This takes a while. If everything is fine, we get a "Disk is OK" message

starting license installation and file copy

Just keep changing the installation floppies as instructed...

more file copy

second part coming...

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