I looked into vtvideo.c, but don't want to interfere with the VT100 code (no experience and no way to test on a live machine).

That said, i recently added 3 of the 5 character attributes necessary (reverse, blink, underline) - only for RAINBOW_VIDEO.

Bold (intensity) and soft scrolling are not as easy to implement.

Additional to the 48 line mode (now also implemented & not present on the VT-100) there are possibly some undocumented DC012 pokes - see below.

Any info would be appreciated.

(excerpt from fun program, compresses image to a quarter of the normal screen size on a real DEC-100 B)

Attached, you see a screenshot of a VR201 (orange-black) monitor connected to the Rainbow-100.

The combination of different attributes (bold + reverse characters on reverse base video) is a bit tricky to emulate correctly.


Question: what's the proper way to configure the palette to emulate different VR201 phosphor types (orange, white, ...)?

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