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You'll need to use the normal 'picker' to load that software.

I am using MESSUI. What is the "normal" picker you're referring to? How do you use it?


Which version of MESSUI are you using?

Are you able to load the SNES images by using the "Device View" > "SNES Cartridge Slot"?

What is the content of your snes.zip (BIOS/checksum)?

Basically, the SNES images are working on MESSUI.

Hello AnnaWu. I figured out the problem....all my images have the ".smc" extension. As soon as I changed one to .sfc it worked. Can I ask when was this change made? Or has MESS always been unable to run games with the .smc extension?

To answer your question, I am using MessUI v149 r24114b_64

Anyway, can someone please tell me an easy and quick way to change the extension on all my image files? I'm thinking a batch program could do it but not sure which one?

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The developers of MESS have my sincere gratitude. Thank you guys.