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Oh, so the C65 is unique in computer history in being unemulatable at the hardware level? They must've had some good stuff in the water in West Chester smile

Oh, it is emulatable, all right. As long as you can find the answers to questions like
"These two C65s behave differently when executing this routine, which behavior must be considered correct?"
"This C65 does something that does not make sense, and the manual says it should do something else: should the emulator reproduce the former behavior for hardware accuracy, or the latter for logical consistency?"
"This part is described in the manual but is missing in the actual machine: in order to achieve maximum accuracy, should I emulate it or not?"
"The manual describes a feature, but does not say anything about how it's accessed on the actual machine: should I avoid to implement it and break compatibility with the actual machine, or code it the way I guess it's used and break compatibility with the actual machine?"

In short, it can be done that way, but it's just not worth the hassle, which is why I did not do it that way.
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The audio is still not supported, right?

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Fuck off, you insufferable wanker.

Thank you for your kind words, sir. I shall take them into great consideration, because you obviously are a sophisticated, intelligent person whose knowledge of the Commodore 65 is higher than anyone else's on this forum.

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