Sometimes small wonders happen ... I was given the DMV diagnostic module by a guy who used to work for NCR ... he has already ditched the module case, but miraculously kept the PCB.

This archive contains the dumps of the two EPROMS.

DMV Diagnostics module

The DMV is a highly modular computer - the mainboard has 7 (or max. 9) slots into which massive modules are plugged. You can see the mainboard and modules here:

NCR DMV pictures

Everything, from serial ports, a RTC, mouse adapter to memory expansions gets plugged into those slots in the back.

So the DMV would benefit massively from slot-ifying the driver.

I've prepared two files that could, once they're filled with actual code, reside in emu/bus/dmv ... one is dmvbus.c, the other is dmvdiag.c, both contained in the above archive. At the moment they only contain ASCII graphics of the bus connector resp. the PCB layout of the diagnostics module.

Also included is the PDF about the diagnostics module from the documentation and a picture of the PCB.


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