Ok, accepted. Thank you very much.

Hope my keyboard mappings help a bit.

I still think the 8048 version and the 6805 version do not differ too much in terms of the wiring. Found 2 tables in the 6805 ROM (named 23-00159-00.bin) that look like the mapping i typed in on the basis of the official 8048 specs.

(left: TABLE 1 - middle: TABLE 1 compared to TABLE 2
- right: decoding of KBD02 according to official specs)

Highlighted is a bunch of 16 bytes (one keyboard line?).

Table 1 begins at offset $0e2e
Table 2 begins at offset $0f4e
in ROM 23-00159-00.bin

Each table has a length of 288 bytes (18 KBD lines x 16).

Also disassembled it (code start $100), here is the result (including notes):


This was also helpful


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