... sorted: https://gist.github.com/shattered/8170700

This dump (ROM_F400.BIN) has 3 parts (mapped at F4000, F6000 and FE000), and two of them match other dumps (asf400-f600.bin, mainbios.bin). 3rd one contains ROM BASIC.

rombios7.bin + rombios8.bin have the same contents as mainbios.bin + asf400-f600.bin. I'm not sure there ever was a version without floppy support in ROM, even though the machine did not have a FDC out of the box.

vinxru's photos show a combo 1MB RAM+FDC board, and apparently there were separate RAM and FDC boards too (which would make little sense, since there's only 1 expansion slot and only 128K onboard RAM).

The patch also adds ROM cartridge dump for mikrosha, another HDC ROM for poisk1, and removes unnecessary dependency on iskr1031 chargen ROM from ec1841.

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