To install Intel Xenix 286 on the ISBC 286/12.

1. Obtain the install floppies. The ones I have are numbered by Intel product IDs.

2. The floppies are raw images which is fine for all but the boot floppy. Get the ImageDisk software and use BIN2IMD.EXE to convert the boot floppy to the correct format. Here's the option file that will do it:

0 N=40 DM1=2 SS1=128 SM1=1-16 DM0=5 SS0=1024 SM0=1-4 /2
1 DM=5 SM=1-4 SS=1024 /2

3. Create a chd image with "-chs 512,8,9 -ss 1024"

4. Start MESS with the isbc2861 driver and the boot floppy in flop1.

5. At the * prompt press shift-u and enter . when asked. If the floppy is correct it should say READY.

6. After the "Interrupt 3" and the . prompt type "b :wf0:xenix.f".

7. Booting will take a minute or 2. Type "/etc/mksys" at the bootsys> prompt.

8. Insert disk 2 when prompted.

9. Select disk type c - Q540 and press enter at cyl-sur: prompt. It will now low-level format and copy the files to the disk which may take 5+ mins.

10. Remove the floppies and reset when it says shutdown.

11. Don't press anything this time and just press "b" at the . prompt.