I think that I never asked, but why qmc2NEO queries it's necessary to be especified differently for MAME/UME and MESS? For example:

for MESS.

The best part is even when using a MESS driver in UME, "game" behaves as a MAME driver, don't being necessary for MESS its necessary to especify as "machine" nowdays. In other words, that's mean that a standarization may be possible smile

A little test of mine. I changed all "//machine" for "//game" and tested.

Well, I don't know if this is up your or MAME/MESS/UME scope, but if you can do this, such stadization are very welcome, because there's a lot of comparisions just for this thing (at less in my templates), and I'm sure that if it's been standardized, not only the template code can become simpler (and easy to maintain) as also will occupies less memory and require less processing for a fast scrolling between systems (yup, it will gain a perceptible speedup). smile

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