PS.: Attention, the following text is full of sarcasm. Take a little breath before read it!
And never take nothing of the following text as pessoal!
I really admire your work and know that is not easy to maintain, most of this made by yourself alone.
Let's start!

I follow step by step of the instructions, with the help of my girlfriend, to see if in that 17231 time that I try to follow each step from your tutorial teaching how to compile QMC2 using MinGW, I'm missing something. We are using Windows 8.1 Update 1 X64.

That's what we did:

1 - We get and extract the QMC2 source code from the download page to a local directory. Note that we used "C:\MAMECode" directory to extract the files. Since the files are protected, we had to run WinRAR in administrator mode (not so simple in windows, but let's do this).
After all did, let's extract (remember, we are using the smaller possible name for the path and we are running WinRAR in administrator mode)...
Holy shit:

2- Let's go for next step in this simple tutorial: "We also assume that all other requirements are met (i. e. that the right Qt, Xlib, SDL, ..., whatever libraries / headers are installed).

This FAQ lists a few examples of what packages have to be installed on which platform or distribution.".
Let's take a look. A lot of manuals separeted and all too long and we have to search specific information there.
You can say: "Read the F@!#$!ing Manual!!!". Well, ok... Because we don't have a real life, right?
Well, we don't work, we don't study, we don't need to sleep, we don't need to lunch isn't it?
No problem to read a lot of pages and pages just to find some specific information regarding how to compile a front-end unnoficially, right? wink
I just don't know why it's considered user friendly :p
Let's also remember that English is not my first language and although I can read english looking for information on a lots of texts that are about a subject I'm not familiar with is complicated.
But as a normal user, we can go only where the text say to us go, ok?

Well, in the "Build and installation instructions for specific distributions" there's sections for:
-Mac OS X
Ohhh... That's sad...
No Windows section on this specific topic of QMC2 FAQ.
Let's assume we don't need anything more (look, we lost time looking for it) smile
Or maybe is not that important to talk about Windows version. After all, why bother... It's just share a little piece of about of 90% of the desktop Operational system used in the world, right?

3- Let's get back for original "Building and installing QMC2 from source" from that another document.
Well, this time we have a Windows section at least smile
Let's skip the "Building QMC2 with Visual Studio C++ 2010" part because we'll use MinGW for this compilation.
"Building QMC2 with MinGW (GCC)"...
No information about how to update the SVN in this specific section, but as a tortoise SVN user and knowing the code don't update itself in Windows, I went back to one of the

"Linux" sections and see that the SVN page to get the code is "svn://" I put this path in my tortoise SVN when I selected "MAMECode"

directory and updated well my source code smile

4- "Get and install the MAME dev-tools for your platform (32- and/or 64-bit)." Ok, this is already done, since I compile MAME/MESS/UME by myself. Maybe you could ask, but yes.

It's in "C:\mingw64-w64" folder and I'm using x64 version of this dev-tools.

5-"Call make as usual, that is like on UNIX or Mac OS X (you can add MINGW=1 to the make command if you want to force the use of MinGW, but this is usually auto-detected). For

make EMU=mess".
Well, where I do this?
Which directory?
Let's assume that is from "C:\MAMECode\qmc2" directory, ok?
Well, to help this compilation, I did a .bat file, with the following content inside:

set path=c:\mingw64-w64\bin

make EMU=mess

With the path for the mingw already set!
Let's try to compile QMC2 for MESS with this .bat

Ohh, boy smirk

Originally Posted By qmc2
What's your exact problem with the MinGW build instructions in our wiki?

Maybe, I don't know... Maybe some little issues for a normal user to read, but that's not that important in RTFM world, right?

Originally Posted By qmc2
Another option would be installing an OS that's better suited for development like some Linux distribution (everything you need can simply be installed through


Install a new OS just to do a new built?
Ohh, that's so practical! smile

Well, let's go and repartition my HD and install another SO and deal with other problems such driver and apps incompabilities just to run a self compiled version of QMC2.
Also, there's a lot of sense to run it in a Virtual Machine and deal with performance issues...

Anyway, I'll wait. Thank you for your time!