My first problem was, I was using a bad dumped bios that wouldn't run any game. After getting a new bios dump, I can run "Tetris" and "Shanghai". I now can also DIR files and start to run .dsk images, but shortly after the title screen the games freeze with scrambled graphics onscreen. ROM images "Arkanoid" and "Malcolm Mortar" and probably many more, freeze at a black screen. I am using Windows 32 MESS UI 153.

I have discovered a really strange problem I have with CoCo emulation. Every time I insert a ROM image, the floppy drives in the media list disappear, so I can't insert .dsk files. The opposite is sort of also true, When I load a .dsk file, the cartridge slot in the list will not disappear, and the emulator will say ROMs are loaded, but it won't act like any ROMs are loaded. This happens no matter how many times I soft or hard reset, and if I remove media or not. I can only get it working again by deleting the ini and configuration files.