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Thank you very much for your work on the NCR DMV driver ... it's amazing to see the machine come to life.

As always the following thoughts are just meant as ideas, not as impatient nagging or criticism.

Althought the DMV now boots CP/M, the error message with no disk inserted as shown in the before last post persists. The message should simply read "Disk A: not ready (CR)"

The DMV relies heavily on its slots and modules.
Slot 1 can take a 64K, 192K or 448K memory module.
Slot 7 can take a CPU module (8086 or 68008) or the diagnostics module. There is a slot 7a on the rear side of some mainboards that can take the internal 8086 module.
Slots 2-6 can take the various expansion modules (Centronics, Serial, RTC, Mouse, Harddisk). On some machines there is a slot 3a on the rear side that accepts the internal harddisk adapter.

A few pages back I posted these files that could come in handy now the DMV is booting.

Originally Posted by rfka01
Sometimes small wonders happen ... I was given the DMV diagnostic module by a guy who used to work for NCR ... he has already ditched the module case, but miraculously kept the PCB.

This archive contains the dumps of the two EPROMS.

DMV Diagnostics module


NCR DMV pictures


I've prepared two files that could, once they're filled with actual code, reside in emu/bus/dmv ... one is dmvbus.c, the other is dmvdiag.c, both contained in the above archive. At the moment they only contain ASCII graphics of the bus connector resp. the PCB layout of the diagnostics module.

Also included is the PDF about the diagnostics module from the documentation and a picture of the PCB.

Again, Sandro, thanks a lot for your work.


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