Thank for continuing to develop and improve this awesome program. I just grabbed the latest SVN and playing around with it now.

I have several questions but I'll start with just three:

1)I've done a fresh install of UME64 and of QMC2. Where does QMC2 create the UME.ini file? It does not seem to create an ini file for UME64, I've looked in both the QMC2 installation folder as well as the QMC2 folder placed in the Administrator parent folder. Same with the UME install folder. No ini file or even a folder.

2)The reason I asked about #1, is because I'd like to know why UME64 is not recognizing the changes I'm making to my HLSL settings within the QMC2 options menu? Every time I start a game all HLSL settings are default despite the changes I made in the QMC2 options menu. I'd like to take a look at the UME64.ini file, where ever it might be, and try to make the changes there.

3)Is it possible to apply and write HLSL changes to each *separate* individual game using QMC2? Rather than opening up and editing the ini file for each game, is it possible QMC2 can save the HLSL settings I make from within each game, and write them automatically to their respective ini file? If so, how can I accomplish this?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

You too R. Belmont smile

The developers of MESS have my sincere gratitude. Thank you guys.