Welp I've been using QMC2 for quite a while on and off throughout the day and knock on wood, no crashes yet. smile

Maybe deleting those old files in the qmc2 folder did the trick. Let's hope so.

Anyway, loving the program. I love the fact that it allows you to import and export your config settings to any ini file you want. That rocks!

But here's the thing though, Q....

Remember a couple years ago and many many MAME builds back, MAME had this feature where it was smart enough to save whatever changes we made to the *IN-GAME* HLSL settings to that game's respective ini file. It was cool, because we could make those changes on the fly, and they would save and be there the next time we start the game. I realize that QMC2 does allow per game HLSL read/write functionality via its own menu, but wouldn't it be nice if it brought this function back, and somehow hooked into MAME/UME, and took the changes we make in the in-game HLSL settings, then save them directly to the game's ini file upon exit, just like MAME used to do all those builds ago?

Q, is this something you think you could maybe work on? I really don't understand why the devs took this awesome feature out of MAME/HLSL.

The developers of MESS have my sincere gratitude. Thank you guys.