I want to use 720k floppies in ec1841 emulator.

When "dip switches -> floppy type" configuration switch is in "40 tracks" position, then only 360k disks work. After loading pu_1700 I'm able to format empty 720k image to 80 tracks/ 9 sectors/ 2 heads, but then I have sector error on any access above 360k.

When "dip switches -> floppy type" option is "80 tracks", then I'm not able to make bootable DOS image at all. I've tried to make 360k, 720k, 1.2m images in different ways, in "80 tracks" mode DOS doesn't boot, sometimes prints "Disk Boot failure", which means that 1st sector is read, but not more.

What should be the value of that "floppy type" configuration switch?

You can answer me in Russian in private, if you wish.