In the past few days since Sandro Ronco got CP/M-80 to boot on the DMV driver (thanks!) I have (re-)dumped a lot of the NCR Decision Mate V (DMV) ROMs, have taken loads of pictures and documented the different sets of hardware I have. Now the BIOS and 8741AD ROM versions from the mainboard can be implemented as matching sets.

This called for a new arrangement and naming of the files in order to present them properly. The option modules now carry their proper NCR designation, and the ROM files have their version numbers.

In this thread Ill gather all the useful information about the DMV from the old Requirements thread which can then be used solely for the discussion of the DEC Rainbow 100.
The NCR DMV is in its most basic configuration a Z80 machine with one 320K DSDD Floppy drive with 64K RAM and a monochrome monitor.

There were configurations with dual drives, one drive and internal harddisk, color monitor and graphics card, and it was easily extendable by plugging in modules in the various slots in the back of the machine.

Slot 1 was reserved for RAM extension modules (64K, 192K and 448K)
Slots 2-6 could be used for various extensions with a slot 2A on the back of the mainboard for an internal harddisk adapter
Slot 7 (and the inward facing 7A) were reserved for CPU modules and the Diagnostics module.
On multilayer mainboards (mine all are) Ctrl-F20 resets the machine.

All page numbers in the posts below reflect the actual page in the PDF file, not the original page in the manual.

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