Now that CP/M is handled (-> previous page), here a suitable tool for DOS

A VB.NET 2010 Express Project (console application). VB source provided. Replacement for PUTR, which is not up to the task (as it damages tracks 0 and 1).

Works only with bootable DEC Rainbow _DOS_ images (*.img; 80 x 10 sectors; 409.600 Bytes).

FURTHER REFERENCE: 'A Skewed View of Disk Geometry'

Recommended to OPEN and EDIT * unskewed * disks

 Profile selection: (Manual FD)

 [Search] -> [Search] -> "IPL Device found" ( FAT12 and all other values are populated now, thanks to the patched BPB )

 [OK] and you are done.
A second invocation of the skew tool automagically skews the disk again (and removes the BPB) so everything is back to normal.

The reason why this tool handles only DOS is that there are many 409.600 byte images floating around (P/OS, VT180, DEC Pro) and i didn't want to break them.

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