I recently upgraded an "official" 1.40 installation of Nestopia to the Undead 1.45 version. I extracted the new files to overwrite the existing files, including nestopia.exe and Language\english.nlg.

The new version seems to work okay except there appear to be many missing string resources. For example, when I start the program, I get a blank message:

I've no idea what it's asking, but if I click Yes, the program starts; if I choose No then Nestopia quits. This message appears whether nestopia.xml exists or not.

More evidence of missing strings include empty menu items (which had text in the previous version used):

Additionally, there are other missing menu captions, missing status information (such as notification that a Quick Save slot has been used), as well as the names of the Base Priority options on the Preferences dialog, etc.

Are these known problems or is it just me? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. smile

Additional information:
OS: Windows 7 Professional x64
Installation folder: C:\Nestopia.