OK Rene I *think* I figured out what;s happening m8.

It appears if you launch game from within the "software lists" list, it does not acknowledge whatever settings you've made under the "Devices" tab. But once I launch the game via the "File Chooser" tab, it picks it up then. I set Saturn Device slot options to ram32, and then proceeded to launch the game from inside the folder itself via file chooser, and voila!! ram cart was already mounted! Just tested the same method for the PSX driver and it too had my memory cards mounted! YIPPEEE!

I swear I feel like I've climbed the mountain top every time I learn something new about how QMC2 and MESS works, but I know I must seem like a complete idiot to you guys LOL :lol:

It's all good, I'm still learning the ropes so bare with me smile

The developers of MESS have my sincere gratitude. Thank you guys.