Installing Amiga OS 2.05 on the Amiga 600 internal IDE HDD

Note: Floppy image filenames are the same images as used by the softlist.

Step 1: Create appropriate empty HDD image. You can use your own values here, but you should keep the size below 2 GB. I've used the Conner CFA-170A as template here:

chdman createhd -chs 332,16,63 -o a600_hdd.chd

Step 2: Boot the Amiga with the hard disk and Install disk attached

mess a600 -hard a600_hdd.chd -flop1\367943-01_install.adf

You can press 'Enter' at the keymap setup question, or setup an alternative keymap (if you do, you need to swap in the Extras disk, then replace with the Install disk again).

It should now look like this:

Step 3: Prepare HDD. Double-click on the Install2.0 disk:

Then start the PrepHD utility. Answer "y" to the question:

Shutdown MESS now and restart it. Your Workbench should now display two HDD partitions:

Step 4: Format HDD and install Amiga OS. Double-click on the Install2.0 disk, then start the "FormatHD" utility. Answer "y" that you want to format your partitions, and "y" again at the question to install the system (and to all subsequent questions). The installation will now start. From time to time you will be asked to insert the "Fonts", "Extras" or "Workbench" disks. At the end it should look like this:

Shutdown MESS now and start it with just the HDD image attached:

mess a600 -hard a600_hdd.chd

It should now boot into your new 2.05 system:

You have two partitions, "System2.0" with your base system and "Work" for applications and other data.