Status update of tms0980.c rewrite:
- microvsn, merlin, simon: work as good as before
- tisr16: boots, can input numbers, but lots of bugs and can't do calculations. If it's an emulation problem it's strange, since others with tms1xxx work well. I see black lines on the die pic, is it possible your rom extract algorithm gets confused there?

- wizatron: works
- comp4: works
- cnsector: at first glance, it works. Still need to flesh out the MESS driver.
- ti1270: boots, can input numbers and some calculations, but some buttons don't work (see above, it's as if they function as RCL and STO)

- ti30, tiprog, tibusan1, stopthie(also the patent one): execute nonsense code and get stuck in a loop quick. Either CPU emu problem or the word/bit order is different.