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sr16_raw: change offset $114 $db to $eb. change offset $3e0 $d2 to $e2.
comp4: change offset $3b5 $54 to $74.
wizatron: no error found.
ti1270_raw(initial ver!): change offset $174 $11 to 51. change offset $3e6 $f7 to $47.

ti1270 and sr16 problems i reported the other day are gone now. I hope this helps to improve your bitfinder tool. Also, maybe you can make the tool modify the image it searches to write an alpha blended mask over the found bits? This way it's much easier to see errors by eye. We should doublecheck all dumps smile

I'll check the ti30 image next. Boring work but I need to be certain the dump is correct when improving currently-incomplete 0980 emulation.
Aw, crap! I had changed those 2 bits in the SR16 raw file, but hadn't updated the reorganized ROM dump on my web site. Sorry about that! I fixed the CompIV and TI1270 bits you found. I had looked at those files several times but didn't see anything wrong.

I have 2 programs that display parts of the ROM array pic overlaid with the bits from the raw dump file- one shows 8 bits at a time, and the other shows about 2000. I was hopeful that looking at them both ways would reduce the risk of missing some bits, but obviously more eyes are needed.

I'll also check the 0980 dumps again.

You need to double-check all the Microvision dumps now! smile