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There is a patent on the Speak and Math which includes a code listing which should match (probably) the CD2704 USA version, US Patent 4,970,659 http://www.google.com/patents/US4970659. The source code is in the text area as a TABLE so it doesn't show up in images in Google patents, so best is to use pat2pdf.org instead http://www.pat2pdf.org/patents/pat4970659.pdf

As far as I know, the Speak and Math code has never been typed up like the Speak and Spell patent code has been.

...That's the wrong patent (it contains the speak and spell code), due to a now-corrected error in my notes.

The correct patent for Speak and Math is US Patent 4,946,391 http://www.google.com/patents/US4946391 http://www.pat2pdf.org/patents/pat4946391.pdf

The code starts at pdf page 23 and there's a lot of headers/comments/address map info which even the speak and spell source code lacks, which should be quite helpful.

A k-line to keyboard map/schematic is in there too (in ascii-art), as well as a symbol lookup for the Segment PLA.


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