sean: can you get scans of the playfield, the control panel and the instructions for codename: sector?

There was a remake which had some nice (but not accurate except maybe the compass rose and some of the button art) artwork done up for it by CaptGlub AKA Captain Crybaby which used to be hosted at which had some scans of the manual, playfield and the playfield reconstruction.

Unfortunately, none of those docs nor the executable seem to be up on and the site is down. I may see if I can ask CaptGlub if he can rehost the data if he still has it.

EDIT: Hasbro has a copy of the manual up, though it is a black and white scan, while I think the original was color:
We still need a good scan of the playfield, preferably in color, and of the control panel (which due to its angle is probably best photographed rather than scanned)


P.S. Do you have a copy of the manual and grid pad for Star Wars: Electronic Battle Command?

P.P.S: Are all the bits right in the Codename: sector rom dump? The game starts up after reset (and in teach mode) in MESS with Ship 1 at 35,24, which is wrong; the ship should start at 35,25 in both cases.

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