Sorry, I've been busy, and I've probably got another week of it.

Hap- thanks for the CN:S bit.

LN- I've got a used CN:S from ebay that is in OK shape. I'll scan the parts and manual. The SW:EBC is pretty rough (I go for the cheapest ones I see since I'm just going to ruin them), but I can scan it until something better comes along. No manual, though.

I got one of the S&S units- non-working, but good case. 4 chips on the MB and a "Vowel Power Word Module" plugged into the expansion port. 40 pin DIP TMC0271NCL NBS 7910, 28 pin DIP TMC0351NL NBU 7906, 28 pin DIP TMC0352NL DAU 7901, 28 pin SDIP TMC0281NL D 7906. Vowel Power has 28 pin DIP TMC0350NL CD2302 DAU 7914. I haven't desoldered them yet to see what's on the bottom.