So yours was put together one week after mine, and mine has that same sticker on the back as well. I suspect both have the location-test/early firmware.

The schematic for the speak and spell can be found here:
and a low quality scan of the less accurate (several errors) older schematic from the book "Electronically Speaking" by John P. Cater (ISBN: 0-672-21947-6) here:

I would check the power getting from batteries to the board as well as the tmc0271 pin 37 signal which tells, under software control, the power supply to shut off after a certain timeout, and the power supply module itself (whose schematic is on the furrtek schematic, the top link).

Also check the speak and spell for 'bending damage' from 'circuit benders' mutilating the hardware because they have no idea what they're doing. Depending on what was done this can be easy to fix or very difficult.


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