Build failed (for both mess and ume) on 64 bit Linux (Xubuntu - gcc 4.9.1) at:

src/mess/drivers/bitgraph.c: In member function �virtual void bitgraph_state::machine_reset()�:
src/mess/drivers/bitgraph.c:456:32: error: �memset� used with constant zero length parameter; this could be due to transposed parameters [-Werror=memset-transposed-args]
memset(m_ppu, sizeof(m_ppu), 0);
Compiling src/mess/drivers/cosmicos.c...
cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors
makefile:935: recipe for target 'obj/sdl64/mess/drivers/bitgraph.o' failed
make: *** [obj/sdl64/mess/drivers/bitgraph.o] Error 1

Last entry in git log: Dec 15 12:42:29 2014 +1100

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