I traced some of the pins on the Battle Star Galactica PCB. 9v battery negative goes to pin 19, positive (through the on/off switch) to pin 20. Pin 32 has a cap and resistor connected to it, so it seems like that would be the oscillator input. Pins 36 and 39 are connected together and to one side of the movement switch; pin 37 goes to the other side of the movement switch, and the middle of the switch is +9v. The fire button connects pin 38 to +9v. The piezo is connected to pins 1 and 42, and the LEDs to pins 2 and 4-18. That's it- there are 12 pins not connected at all, and 5 pins that are connected to pads that are unused- I guess for testing?

That doesn't seem to match up with any PP4 pinouts I've seen.