Here's the ROM dump from patent 4125901:

I'm a little concerned about it, though. In the patent, the letter o was used in several places instead of zero, S was used twice (I replaced it with 5), and H was used once (I replaced it with A). Two of the numbers didn't start with 1 or 0- AC16 and DE08, which I replaced with 1C16 and 0E08. Also, 3 of the line numbers were typoed. It kind of makes me think that someone retyped the hex dump for some reason, which means there could be errors that we can't ID without trying to run the code.

HrastProgrammer said "This code was retyped and analyzed by me from the original TI patents + I fixed various bugs from this ROM in order to make it work correctly." I'm not sure if the bugs were mistakes in the dump, or actual bugs in the version of the code used for the patent.