I put the Amaze-A-Tron ROM dump and info up - www.seanriddle.com/tms1100.html

Kevtris sent me the info on dumping the PIC1655A but it didn't work; he's thinking maybe it only works on the non-A version. But it looks like he dumped the Maniac ROM at some point, so I decapped it to compare. I broke the die, but there's plenty of ROM left to compare.

I got Computer Perfection in the mail today. Opened it up and instead of a TMS-1x00, there's a Panasonic MN1400ML. I couldn't find a lot of info about it, but I did find a couple of data sheets. It's pretty similar to the TMS-1100; 1KB ROM, 64 nibbles RAM, output PLA, 300KHz NMOS. I decapped it.

I also decapped the 0980 from Electronic Detective and my busted CD2302 Vowel Power chip. Just for fun, also an Amiga 500 keyboard chip and a Gameboy CPU I had lying around.

I started working on transcribing the 2708 ROM.