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Cool =) So, Amaze-A-Tron is MP3405, Merlin is MP3404. That makes me a bit more curious what the unknown MP3403 dump by kevtris could be. I should have a look at that later. I won't be at my dev pc for a few days.

Panasonic MN1400ML, may be an unlicensed clone? It was(still is?) common to copy designs and sell them yourself.

A couple of years ago when I first emailed Kevin about TMS-1100 dumping, he sent me a list of the chips he dumped that had this:
TMS1100NLL MP3403 DBS 7836 SINGAPORE some game board with 7-segs

Since MP3404 and MP3405 are both from Ralph Baer games, it's possible MP3403 is, too. Maybe one of his other games started out as a TMS-1100 and changed processors for some reason? Maniac has 2 7-segment LEDs.

I haven't found enough info about the MN1400ML or looked at the die long enough yet, but it looks like they enhanced a TMS1100. It must be a power hog, though- Perfection used 2 9V batteries in parallel. Here are the data sheets I've found: www.seanriddle.com/mn1400.html