I can't do much coding where I am now, but I did read up on some of the TI Speak & Spell related patents that were on a list by Lord Nightmare. Interesting to see that the Touch & Tell (silly game for toddlers) uses a TMS1100 instead of TMS0270.

Like with Speak & Spell and Speak & Math, the ROM contents is included in the patent. It's doable to type it down and then verify that no typos were made by putting the source code (also included) through an assembler. But :P simply put, I'm not interested at all in Touch & Tell.

Language Tutor/Translator is more interesting, it was a gadget for old men too embarrassed to use a traveler's pocket book. ROM contents is available as well, but since it's written down in binary it'd be a pain in the ass to type it over.