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IMO it's a better use of time to extract it on a later successful decap.
Sean if you could use a free xmas bonus paypal donation for all these purchases, don't be humble and gimme paypal address laugh
Hey, thanks. No problem, I've got a little budget for that stuff. I generally look for cheap stuff anyway.

I uploaded the MN1400 die shot from Computer Perfection: www.seanriddle.com/mn1400.html
It turned out pretty well. ROM upper left, RAM upper right, instruction PLA lower middle, output PLA lower right. The ROM bits are more subtle than on the TMS1x00 chips, but easier to see than the F8 PSUs. The 1KB ROM array has 128 columns, which I'm guessing are 16 pages of 8 bits, while each of the 64 rows is selected by the 8-bit program counter, using the ROM word decoder between the ROM and RAM arrays. I don't have a ROM dump from a patent or an electronic dump for the chip, so it'll be interesting to figure out the bit arrangement.