Rene, about templates...
Any changes was made in the way which macros are called inside a javascript code?

Thats because, for the long I remember, the code:
<script language="JavaScript">
if (localStorage['Shideravan/$EMULATOR_VARIANT$/SoftwareNotesTemplate/BackgroundMode2'] != 'none')
   document.write("<table border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"0\" height=\"5\" width=\"100%\">");
   document.write("<tr><td height=\"5\"></td></tr></tbody></table>");
   document.write("<table border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"0\" valign=\"middle\" width=\"100%\" style=\"table-layout: fixed;\"><tbody><tr><td>$SOFTWARE_INFO$</td></tr></tbody></table>");

used to work properly, but now, that $SOFTWARE_INFO$ breaks the script...
But if the $SOFTWARE_INFO$ is changed with any work text, the code works properly, thats why I think that the problem is with the way which QMC2 call $SOFTWARE_INFO$

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