I fixed the bits on my site, and the 28/29 typo in the text file, thanks. I haven't looked at your additional changes yet.

I figured the chapters were interleaved, but I had a bug in my bit-rearranger that messed up the file on my site. (I see in my original post I reversed bits 0-7, but my program did that part correctly.) In the top half of the array, for each row, I see chapter 0 pages 0-7 F-8, then chapter 2 pages 0-7 F-8, repeated for bits 0-7. In the bottom half I see the same, but with chapters 1 and 3.

I should get Parker Brothers Bank Shot Electronic Pool in a few days. That was created by Garry Kitchen, and the patent says it uses a TMS1400. Any other known TMS1400 games? A patent search for TMS1400 brings up some Coleco games, but I'm not sure which ones.

Oh, yeah, and Dark Tower.

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