Yeah, Kevin was able to dump the B-revision chips. On the E-revisions, he could only get the lower 7 bits, and he didn't get anything from the G-revision chips (or TMS1400s).

My notes show that he dumped Blockbuster, Phaser Strike, Mindbuster and Vegas Slots. I decapped Blockbuster and Vegas Slots.

I had tried dumping the chips electronically using the info in the patents and never got it to work. Kevin started with the patent info and tweaked it until he got it to work. He told me a couple of years ago that he had an idea to get all the bits off the E-revision chips, but I don't know if he's worked on it any more.

We now have a die shot of the G-revision chip (and TMS1400s), so he might be able to figure out how to modify his method to work with those.