I have decided to post this information for now, as the current disk dumps contain the 'payload' of the tracks, but lack the rest of the structure of the disk. This includes the C2 sectors, Gap sector and alternate/spare tracks for each zone. The lack of alternate/spare tracks presents a slight problem. The list of tracks is kept in the System Data area and the host driver will translate LBA requests that skip over these spare tracks and the Read/Seek commands will be issued to the correct physical track. I would prefer that the emulation code not have to read this list to know how to find the correct offsets, but that the spare tracks were present in the dump. I doubt that any of the games abuse the flexibility of the disk drive, but it may be possible that some of them look for these spare tracks or possibly use a different number of sectors per block or bytes per block. I still need to work out the best way to represent the disk structure. Currently I am using quickload to avoid any commitment to a format.

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