Unfortunately, I'm just way too bad of a developer to be really able to develop a dumper that really dumps everything of a 64DD disk. I don't even know the basics of a disk format other than sectors and C1/C2.

The dumper I made is based of the SDK code, slightly hacked to dump the System Area that the SDK likes to hide. I also tried to force it to dump development disks (it works, but the data is in the wrong order of Disk Types different than 0).

I originally tried to do stuff manually with libdragon, but this library is just too shitty for 64DD uses as it does not support CART interrupts (can be added, but I have no idea how to properly do that, and from what other devs say, libdragon isn't really reliable).

If the least I can do is at least get more developers' interest, that would be great ^^

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