If someone wants to maintain a list of this, here's a start..
2014/2015 dumped and emulated:
did I miss any? maybe.

APF Mathemagician - still need decap for PLAs verify
Coleco Amaze-A-Tron
Coleco Total Control 4
Epoch Dracula
Ideal Electronic Detective
Kenner Star Wars Battle Command (prototype from patent & commercial release)
MB Comp IV
MB Microvision & all cartridges - would be nice to see more dumps of Intel cartridges?
MB Simon - TMS1000 version, also have decap of hardwired no-rom version
Parker Brothers Bank Shot
Parker Brothers Codename Sector
Parker Brothers Merlin - still need decap for PLAs verify
Parker Brothers Split Second
Parker Brothers Stop Thief (prototype from patent & commercial release)
Parker Brothers Wildfire (prototype from patent) - have decap too
Tandy Radio Shack Computerized Arcade - still need decap for PLAs verify
TI Language Tutor (prototype from patent) - preliminary emulation
TI Speak & Math (prototype from patent & 1986 commercial release)
TI Speak & Spell (prototype from patent, with VSMs/modules from multiple sets)
Tomy Alien Chase
Tomy Tennis
<unknown> MP3403

TI-74 Basicalc (TMS7000 MCU)
TI-95 Procalc (TMS7000 MCU)
TI Wiz-A-Tron (handheld toy or calc?)
TI Business Analyst-I
TI CC-40 (TMS7000 MCU)
TI Programmer
TI SR-16