Anyone have any info about dumping Rockwell MM76EL chips electronically? I picked up a Scrabble Sensor game (that's more like a word version of Comp IV than Scrabble), and it's got a Rockwell chip labeled B8610-11. The pinout matches the MM76EL, which is one of the PPS4/1 microcontrollers. The data sheet says pin 7 is TEST, which puts the chip "into a test mode which tests ROM and allows testing of the RAM and instruction logic", but I don't see any details.

Also, are there any data sheets around for non-PPS/4, non-6502 Rockwell MCUs/CPUs? I'd love to get a hint on the calculator chips used in the Mattel handheld games. The B6001EA from Battlestar Galactica looks much simpler than the PPS/4 chips, but maybe it's in the same evolutionary branch.