Seeing a driver come to life is very exciting, thanks for the experience!

This disk image contains some test cases for the PCD driver

I've filmed the PCD's responses to a few commands:

- The "Test End" beep is shorter on real hardware
- The disk boots into positive video mode (black on white)
- "klickon" does not switch on the key click in the emulation
- Reversi shows the graphics, but cannot be exited by Ctrl-C (looks like the Ctrl-key isn't mapped)
- The keyboard should be German (Qwertz), but is Qwerty
- "positiv" doesn't work
- The beeps while running the "simmy" game are too long
- The right shift key isn't mapped

- HDINIT and FDISK detect a harddisk (I've used 615-4-17 for a NEC D5126), but don't work on it.

NCR DMV- DEC Rainbow- Siemens PCD- ITT 3030-Oly People- Acorn A5000- Olivetti M20