Cool! No, I see the "cycle alignment pulse" or whatever you want to call it, and I have gotten the same repeating sequence of bytes from different chips, but never an actual ROM dump. I got frustrated and have been just blow torching them. I'm building a huge stack of boxes, cases and PCBs with no chips. I kinda feel like a rogue Santa's elf who's destroying games instead of making them....

I've got 3 big Gimp XCFs of TMS1400s: a 6000x5000 top metal shot of Split Second, an 8000x6500 acid shot of Bankshot, and an 8000x6500 acid shot of Total Control 4.\splitsecond.xcf\bankshot.xcf\tc4.xcf

I've also got a 9Kx10K top metal shot of the TMS1100-G die from Super Block Buster that was undumpable.\sbb10000.xcf

I can make other pics as needed- just let me know.

Hap emulated a TMS1100 that you dumped, but we don't know what it is. It's not the TMS1000 M32018 that you also sent to Visual 6502 to decap, but a TMS1100 labeled MP3403 DBS 7836 that you said came off some game board with 7-segment LEDs. Any chance you still have that game board to help ID the game? The reason it's interesting is that MP3404 is Merlin and MP3405 is Amaze-A-Tron. Hap hooked one of the outputs up to a virtual speaker, and it plays different tunes when you mash the keys.