Re: that weird TMS chip on the mystery board. I brought the board home today and I know what it's for now. It was from some kind of bowling game.

There's a set of 10 'pin' light bulbs in the usual bowling pin pattern (5 on the top, then 4, 3, 2, 1) and three more bulbs, and then one group of 2 7-segs for frame # (the first digit can only show "1" so it does frames 1-10 I think) and the group of three digits is most likely the score (since a perfect game is 300).

Along the right side are fingers to slide those spade terminals on that go to the guts of the machine (pin detection and stuff I guess). there's 8 driver chips and some transistors and such.

I need to find the other one so I can check out both because some parts are missing and there's some added wiring fixes.