hap: ah nice that you got pac-man working. I have another D553C game to add soon; bambino superstar football. I dumped the micro but I have to vector the VFD and trace the PCB first... not sure if I will get to it tonight or if it will be tomorrow.

re: dumping PIC's. I can dump PIC1655's and maybe PIC1655A's (I think the ones I dumped were A's) and PIC1650's which is the 40 pin version with more IOs. I found my dumping rig but I don't know how it works now. I would have to find the code, and the CPU is missing.

sean: MM78's. nope, in ROM dumping mode it does not seem to accept anything on the inputs. reset appears to make the sequence it dumps reset too, so this is the best possible case. I am in mid process wiring up sockets to another PIC to do this triple play dumper (COP411, MM78, and the mitsubishi chip)

all: over on the handheldmuseum forum, we're talking about VFD game dumping and someone posted a picture of the CPU in the select a game machine for football, and it's a TMS1xxx part. I was wondering if this had the same mask # as one of the entex football games, because the select a game was made by them. The part on the cart is an MP7573.

The thread and pictures are here:


there's a real sexy PCB shot of the coleco frogger game with the mitsubishi chip that I think I can dump. been trying to buy a frogger off ebay but $50+ is a bit steep.