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The Speak and Read I got looks much more professional inside than the old Speak and Spells I have. The chips are CD2705B-N2L MES 8149, CD2801A-N2 ME 8144, CD2394A-NL MBU 8144 and CD2395A-NL MBU 8149. The CD28 and CD23s are 28-pin SDIP, and the CD27 is a cute 40-pin DIP that's the length of a 28-pin DIP.

I've got a backlog of chips that'll have to wait until work slows down a bit: Entex Baseball 3, Entex Space Invader with the TI chip, Kosmos Astro, and Light Fight should be here this week.

CD2705 is the MCU
kevtris dumped the CD23xx already (also rev.A, same as yours). CD2801A I don't know if anything's needed with that, lemme summon Lord Nightmare...

Speak & Spell Compact, Touch & Tell, and TI Vocaid are assumed to be dumpable TMS1100.