Yeah, its TMS5100 'patent' K coefficients and pitch table, but it uses the 'later' energy table from tms5110. The speak and math should use this same chip variant.

However, because of the way the tms51xx driver does variants selection (i.e. you must have a device of type tms5100 or tms5110a or etc and it must be declared as <required device ... > in the source code, it is a pain to have multiple drivers which use slightly different speech chips. There isn't any TMS_SET_VARIANT(*tms, variant) macro that can be used, each different speech chip has to have its own whole device, which is a giant mess, because the vsm rom module emulator has to point to the CORRECT device! It isn't possible to re-use the vsm definition from the 'speak and spell' as a root and have all other systems derive their config from that.

That's why I haven't touched tispeak.c to try to fix each device to use the appropriate speech chip yet.

The 'ME' on the chip sean has however implies it is revision E, while MFU would be revision F. There could be a change between those. Sean, do you want to try dumping the chip prom tables electronically (and testing the frame interpolation behavior?)


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