I got a Funtronics Jacks game. Opened it up, and the CPU die (COP410L) is bonded directly to the PCB with no packaging, like the Channel F carts. So I won't have to decap it, but it'll be awkward to photograph since my XY platform is only about 1" square. I guess I'll use a little double-sided tape to hold it in place. I'm not sure if the pins needed to dump it are bonded out. If not, it'll be tough for me to electronically dump it.

I also got a 1978 TI Little Professor, which is the one where they added the On/Off and Level buttons. The chip is marked TMC1993. I decapped it and the die is marked 1990C-c3C. It looks a lot like the 0970, but it has a different pinout; all the LED connections are on one side and all the keypad connections on the other. There's no oscillator input, and the keypad rows and LED digits are on different outputs.