*YES*. That and the 1989 MB electronic talking battleship use TSP50Cxx 8-bit micros (there are TWO speech synth devices which do too, one being the 1989/1990 version of the appleII ECHOII, as well as at least one vtech product). I was looking to (but did not bid) get an omega virus board off ebay just yesterday. I own an electronic talking battleship but was looking to nab a cheap one as well since mine is missing the box.

EDIT: http://q7.neurotica.com/Oldtech/Apple/EchoII-1L.jpg is the 1989/1990 echoII, tsp50cxx mcu is at U6.

there is an even later 1991 version which also uses it which has a capacitor mounted on top of the mcu due to a board layout issue?


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