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Also, I got to play an Atari Video Pinball Model C-380, which is a dedicated console. This one wasn't for sale, but I definitely found it more interesting than your typical Pong system. Pong Story describes it as using "possibly a microcontroller" labelled C011500-1.

I took a quick look at the Atari Video Pinball that I have. The chip has a different code: C010755-01 C02751. The date code is 7734, and it was made in Korea. It's a 40-pin DIP made by AMI. There's also a single 2112 RAM chip (256x4=1024 bits). The 8 RAM address bits are connected to the AMI chip pins 5-12, and the 4 data bits are connected to pins 20-23, and R/W is connected to pin 22. Ground is on pin 1 and VCC is on pin 25. Pins 26-34 and 36-38 are not connected. Pins 2 and 3 look like the oscillator inputs- there is a crystal (no frequency marked) and trimmer cap connected to them. Pin 4 connects to the speaker. Pin 40 connects to the paddle, so maybe an ADC. The buttons connect through a 4019 to pins 17, 18, 19 and a couple more that I think I wrote down wrong.

I'll take a closer look later.