I see... well, there's also "make qchdman-clean" or "make tools-clean" (which "make distclean" triggers automatically). But "make clean" only covers the main GUI.

λ make help                                                                
Usage: make [<targets>] [<configuration_options>]                          
### Target ###   ### Description ###                                       
all (default)    Build QMC2, aliases: qmc2, bin, qmc2-bin                  
clean            Clean up compilation & linkage binaries from source tree  
config           Show build configuration options and their current values 
configure        Create qmake output and stop, alias: qmake                
help | ?         Show this help                                            
lang             Recreate binary translation files only (if not up to date)
arcade           Build QMC2 Arcade binary (qmc2-arcade)                    
arcade-clean     Clean up QMC2 Arcade build                                
qchdman          Build Qt CHDMAN GUI binary (qchdman)                      
qchdman-clean    Clean up Qt CHDMAN GUI build                              
tools            Build tools: qchdman                                      
tools-clean      Clean up tools: qchdman-clean                             
Run 'make config' for build configuration options.                         

EDIT: Oops, "distclean" is actually missing from the help text - will change that smile!

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